Good Coffee in Paris

Getting your caffeine fix in France isn’t pretty much the same with rest of the Europe. Look at Italians, coffee is literally their breakfast; they take an espresso shot and move along the day. Or take Spanish people as an example, all dinners end with a macchiato. On the other hand, for French, it’s not about the “waking up” or “digesting” attributes of coffee; they are on the side of “experience”. Its seen as an accessory accompanying a good conversation with a friend or a date.

However, I love caffeinating with specialty coffee, and I found good spots for you to try. Here is my 9 best coffee shops in Paris:

1- Boot Cafe: There is a lot of character in this coffee shop. Once you’re on the street – it’s impossible to miss the beautiful signage at the door. It’s original and owners kept it that way. Coffee is from 5 Elephants in Berlin – if you love coffee, you know what I mean. Instagram tip: Photograph from outside with a wide angle camera. IPhone will also do the trick.

Boot CafeProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

2- Ob-La-Di: Blue & white tiles on their floor is like their signature. Pair your coffee with avo toast or granola.

photo taken by “slice of paris”

3- Amami: Love the decor with all whites & greens.

4- Ten Belles: They say drinking good coffee is sexy. I agree. They also have heavenly good pastries.

ten belles good city guides

5- La Fontaine de Belleville: I regret that I couldn’t visit this place, even though it was on top of my list.. It’s a historical French cafe, and its visionary owners didn’t touch the setting so good coffee met with history. (Photos are from their instagram)

6- Odette: What a facade! Once you’re there, you’ll be mesmerized and think that you’re in a movie. Try their traditional pastries with an espresso.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

7- Le Peloton Cafe: Founded by owners of Bike About Initative, Le Peloton is hosting lots of bikers and instagrammers. Take a seat on the wooden bar, have a good coffee from kind baristas in a friendly interior.

8- Folks and Sparrows: If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll love Folks & Sparrows. It is separated into 2: one-part cafe, one-part gourmet food shop. Go there for lunch and have a traditional baguette with coffee. Even a simple food like baguette sandwich is prepared by paying attention to the smallest detail. Check out their instagram to find out more (link here).

9- Telescope Cafe: One of the first specialty coffee shops in Paris; few places to sit and limited food options. But coffee is excellent!

Also, the map of “Good Coffee in Paris” is below.