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Picturesque Lisbon: Good Trams Guide

Once you’re in Lisbon, you’ll realize it’s like none of the European capitals. I always tend to walk everywhere when I am in Europe, somedays I hit 20km’s in my Iphone’s health application; and I bet you’re the same! I had the same intentions when we landed to Lisbon but I quickly realized that it is not going to happen.

The city is built on seven hills, makes you walk up and down – which can be very exhausting. But hey, this is what the trams are for!

Lisbon tram good city guidesLisbon tram 4 good city guides

Apart from trams ability to ease wandering around Lisbon, I fell in love with the movie scenes they create within the city. Old trams are called Remodelado trams; and they date back to 1930s! In city center, they are still the main transport vehicle. Lisbon tram 3 good city guidesLisbon tram 2 good city guides

At first, we became obsessed with taking the “perfect tram photo”. Once we saw a tram line, we stopped, waited for the tram to pass and prayed for no cars to interfere to the setting. Afterwards we realized they are part of everyday Portuguese life and tried to act cool 😊


If you’re looking for Lisbon tram routes and maps, my 3 favorite tram routes are below:

Tram E28

Lisbon tram 28 good city guidesThe most popular route is E28, because you have the chance to see the neighbourhoods from Graca to Alfama. It’s very hard to find a seat in the tram between 10am-6pm; it’s better to take it from first or second stop. Route is: Martim Moniz – Graca – Portas de Sol – Se Cathedral – Rua Conceição – Chiado – Sao Bento – Estrela – Campo Ourique. I recommend you hop on from Graca.Lisbon tram 28 good city guides 2

Tram 28 also passes from Rua do Poço dos Negros, where Hello, Kristof and The Mill coffee shops are located. Its also very dreamy to watch trams pass from the window while sipping your coffee.Lisbon tram hello kristof good city guides

Elevador da Bica

Elevador da bica good city guidesApart from tram 28; I also loved Elevador Da Bica. It has one of the most iconic routes; river at the other end makes a perfect background for your trip.

Elevador da Glória

Elevador da gloria good city guidesElevador da gloria good city guides 2Elevador da Glória connects Baixa to Bairro Alto. You’ll need to ride in it because two neighborhoods are very close to explore, but roads connecting them are very steep. If you’re looking to capture the beauty of these trams in one photo, wait for 2 of them to get close. It looks like they are dancing.

In the map below, I pinned you the stops of trams.

Take a look at it before you go. And for more tips, take a look at my instagram!

Enjoy your ride!

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