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5 Addresses in Paris: Restaurants & Drinks & Shops

Paris is such a beautiful cliché.

We were there in July for my friend’s wedding, and it was my third time in Paris, so I was ready to soak Paris all in.

I already had a list as long as 3 pages before going to Paris, and of course I couldn’t see all of them. These are my 5 favorites from all places that we managed to visit. If it’s your second time in this beautiful city or if you’re ready to get under its skin; these addresses are for you. Buckle up for some yummy food in cool restaurants, good coffee and designer shops.


buvette interior goodcityguidesbuvette breakfast goodcityguides

It’s official, Buvette is my favorite restaurant for breakfast in Paris! I was reading very good reviews about Buvette before going there, and I really liked the interior; so, I gave it a try. I can say, it’s the place to have breakfast. The colors, the furnishing, the way dishes look & taste – all spot on! I heard late afternoon snacks with wine is also very good.

La Mangerie

la mangerie goodcityguidesla mangerie goodcityguides3

My friend is living in Le Marais, and one night she said that she wants to take us to dinner in a cute tapas restaurant in her neighborhood. I couldn’t be happier to see it was La Mangerie because it’s definitely more than just a cute restaurant. They took the idea of tapas (where everything is in small portions and is for share) and combined it with quality ingredients and homemade recipes of Adrian Calvo. Save this place and thank me later.


fragments interior goodcityguidesfragments avo toast goodcityguides

Another brunch spot! I was told Fragments is the place for cinnamon buns and avo toasts in Paris. First, I thought the weather was too hot to go for dessert but then I had 2 toasts instead! One with avo and one with ricotta cheese & figs. I only regret that I didn’t try cinnamon bun; hopefully next time!


merci goodcityguidesmerci outside goodcityguides

Merci has many titles: a concept store, a designer furniture store, a stationary, a bookshop… It’s a place where you can spend an hour getting very inspired and willing to buy everything. Even the red little car in the garden! There are also 3 restaurants linked with Merci: La Cantine, Used Book Café and Cinéma Café. La Cantine is for lunch with friends, Used Book Café is for scone & coffee; Cinéma Café is for the days you want have healthy food.

Le Labo

le labo fragrances goodcityguidesle labo fragrances goodcityguides2

Fragrance store from another world! What attracted me the most was (besides unique notes in perfumes) how they decorated the interior – rustic & neat!

If you’re looking for more spots for coffee in Paris, head over to my “Good Coffee in Paris” post – click here.

Let me know if you have other favorites in Paris.

À bientôt!

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