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About Me

I am Ozge, a food explorer and an occasional traveler.

First time I’ve been on a plane was for my master’s studies in Barcelona. The adrenaline of unknown and excitement of discovery never left me since. Taste of a new cuisine, fresh faces, new accents… I feel connected to everything when I travel. I feel more alive. That’s why I take travelling very seriously, I do an immense research before I go – talk to local influencers, search hours and hours on Instagram & Web.

In 2016, I decided to make this research public.

I created “Good City Guides” for people who prefer to find the hidden bar in the narrow streets of Barcelona instead of going to a fancy club, who lose track of the number of pinchos they eat in a day in San Sebastian, or who prefer to hang out with locals rather than ticking touristic spots on the map. It’s for people who feel that they belong to everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

In a nutshell, it’s for people like me, and if you’re still reading this – it’s for you.

Good City Guides, is an urban city blog, based on my travel experiences.

Here, you’ll find simply crafted, minimalistic city guides that give you the glimpse of being a local. I won’t suggest you to spend hours in Louvre (unless you’re an art student or art is your passion of course), but I’ll let you know the hippy neighbourhood Parisians are hanging out these days.

If you like the guides, e-mail me for more personalized travel consultancy. It’s the single thing I love to do, so I’ll be happy to help you!

Enjoy exploring!

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