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Olá Lisbon!

Within all Lisbon guides, I wanted to show you a little glimpse of us and some random Lisbon beauty I snapped while wandering on the streets.

Morning Coffee in Lisbon

Lisboetas have special ties with their coffee culture. They generally use robusta-arabica blends, which make coffee bitter and tough due to over roasted beans.

Good Food in Lisbon

It’s no secret that we (me & Uzcan) travel mostly for food, and our trip to Lisbon was no different. I listed our top 5 Lisbon restaurants here, don’t end your trip before trying at least 2 of these

Paris Cool Neighborhood Guide

New generation Parisians’ ultimate love affair with life has changed the city scene pretty much. Rich tradition is blended with new energy. In a beautiful and picture perfect city, now you can find new restaurants that take French cuisine to next level, café culture being elevated with good coffee, art galleries besides Louvre.