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Morning Coffee in Lisbon

Lisboetas have special ties with their coffee culture. They generally use robusta-arabica blends, which make coffee bitter and tough due to over roasted beans. Traditionally, the day starts with “galao” at breakfast, espresso with steamed milk. After launch, Lisboetas seek for “bica”, Portuguese espresso.

Of course, not everyone can be fond of bitter coffee, that’s why while 3rd coffee culture started evolving all around the world, Lisbon started to have its share.

I am listing below my favorites, good coffee shops in Lisbon where you can also enjoy delicious breakfast.

Hello Kristof

Within all authenticity and fuss in Lisbon, you’ll find “Hello, Kristof” like a bright and calm Scandinavian coffee house. It has a minimal and rough interior décor; a good place to relax and spend some quality time.

We went there for breakfast. Croissant and coffee was heavenly. Especially, coffee was very different than rest of Lisbon; the owner explains that he preferred beans that were more acidic and full of flavor.

hello kristof - photo by goodcityguides

hello kristof - photo by goodcityguides

He worked as a graphic designer and he was a magazine art director, so the concept has shaped around that. You’ll find impressive independent magazines at the shelves.

hello kristof - photo by goodcityguides

hello kristof - photo by goodcityguides

hello kristof - photo by goodcityguides

Heim Café

I love urban jungle style small coffee shops, they feel very lively and cosy. Heim is like that and it’s no coincidence that “heim” means “home” in German.

heim cafe - good city guides

heim cafe - good city guides

We ordered the classic brunch menu with sunny side eggs. On top, the French Toast to boost energy (since you’ll have to walk up and down in the city all day).

heim cafe - good city guides

The Mill

If you’re following me for some time now, you’ll know I have this thing for Aussie style brunch. Give me avocados, poached eggs, fresh bowls and I’ll smile non-stop.

the mill - good city guides

At The Mill, they serve best Portuguese ingredients within Aussie recipes, so you’ll have the best combination. They serve brunch in the morning and wine in the afternoon. You can also stop by The Mill to taste Portuguese wine within their vast wine selections.

the mill - photo by goodcityguides

For good coffee in Lisbon, I have one more recommendation for you: Copenhagen Coffee Lab. It’s the Lisbon branch of the famous coffee shop in Copenhagen, which sets your expectations very high. Trust me, you’ll be pleased. We had a take away, unfortunately I didn’t take any photos but if you want to check it out here is the link.

Enjoy your morning coffee!

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